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C&S client prevails in landmark Colorado trial

- Charlie Cain

On July 13, 2018, a Colorado jury returned a verdict in favor of C&S clients, Dr. Alison Brown and Headwaters Hounds, LLC. The trial team consisted of Charlie Cain, Taylor Romero, and Scotti Beam. 

The case included claims for nuisance, defamation, and the utility of predator control in Colorado, a practice that is common among fox hunting clubs across the county. The jury awarded Dr. Brown over a half million dollars in damages for defamatory statements made against Dr. Brown both locally and on the Change.Org platform. Dr. Brown and her club were also exonerated on claims of nuisance and their club activities were found to be protected by the Right to Farm and Ranch statute in Colorado. The jury’s decision expanded the scope of the statute to include predator control, an activity relied upon by farmers and ranchers to protect their livestock. 

Additional details of the trial can be found here.