Many of our cases involve these forms of alternative dispute resolution. We know the arbitration process well—C&S lawyers have handled countless arbitration proceedings. The process maintains confidentiality, and if managed well, can be less costly than litigation. We advise many of our clients to include arbitration clauses as part of their contractual protections.

We also evaluate mediation in virtually every case. It is a process which lets the parties control the outcome. Our philosophy is to control the case preparation, which allows us to give our clients the greatest leverage possible in mediation. Frequently, this results in a favorable outcome without the expense and uncertainty of continued litigation.


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Texas Supreme Court Orders Stay of Temporary Restraining Order Prohibiting Cy-Fair ISD from Requiring On-Campus Attendance for Professional Development; Opinion on Mandamus Pending

The recent litigation over whether Cy-Fair ISD can require its staff to attend in-person professional development on campus prior to the start of the school year provides an opportunity for a refresher on satisfying the requirements for injunctive relief, mandamus relief, standing, and the waiver of governmental immunity.

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