Cain & Skarnulis has represented E&P clients, royalty owners, seismic contractors, and oilfield services companies in a wide variety of disputes. The firm’s attorneys have handled cases for operators, royalty owners, drilling companies, seismic contractors, and a variety of energy industry companies.

Our experience includes lease disputes, drainage claims, environmental and surface or groundwater contamination, seismic data, farmouts, and AMI agreements. The firm has particular expertise in the arbitration and litigation of disputes arising under JOAs and accounting issues under COPAS.

C&S has seen just about every kind of dispute in the energy industry, in one form or another. But C&S has recently placed a particular emphasis and focus on an emerging market, the Cline Shale. Additionally, the firm has learned that many operators, drilling contractors, service companies, and non-operators have been experiencing an increase in wrongful claim denials on energy-related insurance policies. C&S serves as an advocate for energy industry policyholders who have experienced wrongful denials of benefits that are rightfully owed under these types policies.


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