Cain & Skarnulis reviews each engagement to offer the best billing structure in order to create a client/firm partnership. The firm offers a number of billing options, including:

  • Hourly billing. Whether it is traditional hourly billing or a blended rate for partners and associates, C&S lawyers and professionals provide stellar counsel with reasonable rates and detailed billing records. More importantly, the firm prides itself on efficiency, reducing the overall hours necessary for case preparation. Blended rate billing is often offered to clients with ongoing representation needs.
  • Contingent fee. In many instances, the firm prefers to share the risks and rewards of litigation with its clients. Contingent fee billing is gaining popularity in business litigation, and C&S has a strong preference for commercial contingent fee cases.
  • Blended billing. In some cases, a combination of hourly and contingent fee billing makes sense to mitigate exposure and preserve upside potential.
  • Outcome-determinative billing, or “reverse contingent fee.” Defense cases can also be prepared under a contingent fee arrangement, dependent on the firm’s success in its defense, as measured against a benchmark case value. If the firm minimizes or eliminates liability, the firm’s fees fluctuate depending on the final result.
  • Flat-fee. C&S offers several services on a flat-fee basis, allowing its clients to have more certainty in managing legal costs. Do not hesitate to ask us if a flat-fee is available for your representation.